My mission is to help LEADERS, like you, step into their POWER to make their GREATEST CONTRIBUTION to the world.”

Bernice Gonzalez, CMP, CECP, CCBC
The Ultimate Transformation Facilitator TM

Are you ready to BECOME the Change?

You are a leader, influencer, advocate, change agent, soul-preneur, or becoming one, and want to experience TRUE success and fulfillment in your life.

Reach your true potential

You are here now because YOU ARE ready to #LeapFromWithin – move beyond what is holding you back and fulfill the potential that you know is within you – you just want to know what to do.

For over 10 years I have had the privilege of working with leaders throughout the globe, supporting them in achieving remarkable contributions in their lives and the lives around them.

I work with C-Level executives, those at the highest levels of public service, and budding entrepreneurs and leaders in improving their personal and business relationships. If you are ready to become more satisfied with your life, your work, and your relationships, let’s get started.

Turn your strengths into gold

If you are anything like me, by now you know that leadership and change are HARD – especially if you have been trying to go at it alone.

I also know that if you don’t get support NOW, it can be very easy to do nothing.

The result? You won’t become the person you are yearning at this moment to be: the most confident, best YOU who can make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

You will not be able to harness YOUR POWER, let alone SUSTAIN IT. And life will pretty much go on the same as it always has… feeling dissatisfied, tired, unfulfilled, and lacking meaning.

Hours, days, and years will go by with you looking in from the outside at how other people live meaningful, satisfying lives that make a difference for them and others and wondering “what am I doing wrong?”

Don’t work harder, work smarter

Instead of spending years of hard work, money, and time to get half-way there, get the support you NEED today. You have my absolute commitment to providing you a safe space, free of judgment while you build a solid personal foundation that will help you gain greater professional success and personal satisfaction. Expect to start feeling progress within our first few sessions.

Coaching and mentoring is tailored to your needs, your goals, and your situation. Don’t expect a one-size-fits-all therapy approach. You can feel confident that what we will be working on is relevant to YOU. My sessions are conducted online so that no matter where you are in the world, you are good to go. Ademas hablo español!

Explore the possibility of us working together to achieve your goals. Request your FREE 15-MINUTE DISCOVERY CALL TODAY! This provides you and me with the opportunity to determine whether we are a good fit.

It would be my pleasure to support you in becoming who you are meant to BE to make your GREATEST CONTRIBUTION to your career, life, and relationships.
Your journey begins now.

Get ready to #LeapFromWithin!

I’ve been there

I know first hand how painful not living in your highest purpose can be. I know what that nagging feeling of dissatisfaction with “the way things are” feels like.

When you feel deep down – even KNOW! – that you can BE more and yet it feels out of reach for you – I can help.

Turn your potential into success

Realizing your potential is not luck or an intellectual exercise or an act of will. It is a conscious, intentional process of surrender from within you. It is embedded in your life trajectory and points in the direction of your soul mission. The result of this deep work, opens you up to express your true self and elevates you to a solid place of POWER.

When I did the work, I saw my life start to change. Things I had worked so hard for before were now flowing with grace and ease into my life: my professional career took off, my relationships transformed and new ones came my way, my finances multiplied! More importantly: I was different. I felt different, my thoughts and my words were different, my perception of the world and life shifted to a higher level I was not aware was possible before. I transmuted into the person who I always knew I could be. I was no longer trapped or blocked. I felt more ME than ever before.

You can feel that way too. You can experience the POWER that is you. That is WHY I am passionate about facilitating the ultimate transformation possible for leaders like you.

What they say about me

Clients say remarkable things about the impact my work has on their life. Here is a note from one former client:

Hi Bernice.. Thank you so much for helping me to have a better quality of life. You have done beautiful things to all who need emotional healing, including me who benefits from your great help… I can really feel that burden that always ties me down has gone! It slowly fades away… the feeling of longing… the missing and the regrets… it has gone. After our first session, I felt more loved… And now I feel that it has been released. And I’m definitely so happy with this result. Something that tied me down for ages finally has been removed. Thank you so much for helping me Bernice. Now I can see clearly my blessings… I stop looking back and now I can see clearly what’s in the present. And my future it’s gonna be a happy me with no regrets.”

Juliet (Singapore)

Similar benefits await when you start working with me. Step up to the plate. Get started.

A man can do as he wills, but not will as he wills.”

Arthur Schopenhauer