A Better World in the Making

One thing that spending time with family, or even close friends, has allowed to attain the realization that the only way I will be able to give my children the world that I want for them, is for me to go out there — in the real world — and create it for them.

In our hyper-accelerated, hyper-connected world this requires a deliberate effort on our part to not loose connection with the “real” world around us. But how?

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3 Powerful Tips to Help Manage Stress in Coronavirus (COVID-19) Times

“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them”.

Albert Einstein

With all the news about the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) that add up to our day-today concerns about life and work, we are prone to experiencing an accumulation that will almost always end up in a high stress level. Therefore, we must be able to release the excess accumulation of pent up energy from our efforts to “control” our lives and concentrate wholly on our today.

So here are 3 stress busting tips that can help you, your family, and friends navigate this and surely other uncertain times and continue to enjoy your life.

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The Power of Surrender

Yielding is the most powerful move.

“massive action”
“go getter attitude”
The excitement conveyed by these “call to action” words that have the good intention of motivating us may give us an idea that it is not quite what it seems on the surface.

In my experience empowered action has very little, if anything at all, to do with what you do on the outside, much like discipline, it’s a mystery that reveals itself to us from the inside once we come to a critical mass point about a desired outcome — not yearned for, but desired.

That unveiling is like breaking the sound barrier or the gravitational pull, you can feel the resistance give in. Like when you gained enough momentum to manage to go flying out of the swing at the playground when you were a kid, in a similar way when our inner state reaches that point you discover that action it’s fueled not by force or effort, but by a power that flows from the inside. A power that is generated in the stillness of your being, which stillness is not the same as lacking motion.

However, to access the source of that power it is not as straightforward as “do or not do something” on the outside. The entrance, the access, the connection where we ‘plug in’ to the flow is inside of you.

This is the paradox: the outward massive action and grinding is actually effortless motion that is the result of inward stillness and focus. In other words, to grind one must ground.

It is said that “the kingdom of heaven is within you” and that the way to lay a claim to it is by violence and “only the violent claim it.”
That kind of violence is not intellectual, it’s “strength of emotion” — an inner power. You’ve most likely have experienced this already when you’ve felt determined towards something. It has the quality unwavering faith, yielding with abandon while in stillness, undisturbed by whatever may be transpiring in the world around you. This state for me is the embodiment of ‘zen’ that the universe in all its glory relates, recognizes and responds to: inwardly aware and outwardly successful.

Outside of this ‘zone,’ of this level of operation, all you get is tired.

We’re all different in some way, so is our path. Yield to yours and flow with it. Get to know it so you can trust it.

At every moment, plug in to your power first, then — by all means — DO!


Cleaning Out Your Attic: The Fundamental Advantage Of Forgiveness

Everyone is invited to the Master’s table. The voice is calling, unrelenting. 

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”
— Lewis B. Smedes

If you’re like me, you have a garage or attic or basement full of junk — old clothes that don’t fit or that are outdated, boxes of children’s toys, paperwork you’ll never need or even look at again. We have sentimental attachments to things that are just taking up space.

These items, while maybe not physically holding you back, may be psychologically holding you back. They are definitely weighing you down. And yet, unless you have a real problem with an overabundance of ‘stuff’, it’s probably not that much of an issue.

What about the things you store in your mind? You’ll find some memories there of the pleasures of living — weddings, anniversaries, births — maybe some sadnesses — even some deaths and loss. These are what make up a complete life, the highs and lows, the ebb and flow. You’ve also got knowledge and appreciation up there, as well as all of your abilities — how to bake a cake, change your oil, ride a bicycle.

We’ve also got some junk up there. One of the fastest ways to get rid of this junk is the act of forgiveness.

The ultimate purpose of forgiveness is not to make you a better person, it’s not to benefit the person you’re forgiving, and it’s not even to make you right with God or work out your karma (though these are all side benefits of forgiving).

The real purpose is to clear out your other than conscious mind, to free it up from any resistance that is holding you back and preventing you from achieving everything you ever wanted.

‘By beholding we become changed.’ That’s one of my favorite Bible quotes.

This means, that the more you focus on something, the more you are going to become what which you focus upon. Are you focusing on creating money or on debt? Are you focusing on health or on sickness? Are you focusing on love or resentment?

To focus on bitter feelings and hard knocks and tough life lessons, then that becomes a piece of us. One of the reasons we’re here on planet earth, the school called earth, is to learn to understand we are in dominion, not domination, and we are able to have everything we ever wanted.

Try this: imagine you’re dividing your unconscious into sections and lump all of the ‘bad’ parts — the troubles, difficulties, problems, resentments — into one section.

What percentage of your unconscious is being consumed by that mental garbage?

If you took it all and assigned it a value. . .a percentage, as in, well, 5% of my unconscious, or other than conscious, is taken up by this junk. How does that affect you to think of that large a chunk of your mind is engaged in negativity? What if you had to give 5% of your income to a really negative cause? I’m assuming that would not please you.

When we employ the process of forgiveness, we clear out that 1 or 5 or 15% and make space for more of what we want. In an upcoming article I’ll give you some specifics on how to use forgiveness to dispose of some of this useless garbage.


Harness The Power Of Focus

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just another cog in the wheel or the CEO. Your thought process can influence those around you as can your actions, and it’s up to you whether you choose to embrace failure or strive for success.

Like most people, you probably often come up with great ideas on how to correct negative patterns.

Unfortunately, those brilliant ideas get pushed aside because of everything else that might be going on. You struggle to multi-task your way through the day and wonder why nothing ever changes.

This is where the power of focus comes in. Without focus, life and work can become very disorganized. If you see something that can (or believe should), be changed for the good then give it your undivided focus. Tell your team, your boss, the organization, the family, your partner that this is going to be your area of focus. If you plan on shifting your focus to improving communication within the company or in your relationships, then you need to ensure it’s at the center of each and every meeting that you attend or your interactions with others, it should feature on your goals, and you should have a plan in place that is measurable.

Once you do this, you will suddenly realize that you are far more sensitive to the problems that others are experiencing. Why? It isn’t because those issues are increasing, it’s because you have harnessed the power of focus and you are truly hearing what others are saying. If you have the right mindset then you will be encouraged by the progress.

Achieving True Focus

Can you think of a time you’ve been incredibly focused on something? A strange thing happens… suddenly the typical obstacles standing in your way mean nothing to you as you close in on your goal, you are hyper-aware of everything around you, but your focus is unshaken. No matter the obstacle, you find a way to overcome it because you are so locked onto that target at the end of the long road that you view everything through a different lens.

Are you looking to improve your focus and avoid distractions and procrastination? Try these strategies.

  • Take Time Out To Get Some Perspective.
  • You may sometimes be in need of a reality check, but who you turn to for it is an important decision. You want to speak to someone who is supportive, willing to talk tough, and invested in success. That may be your partner, mentor, or a straight-shooting friend. No matter who it is, you need people like this on your side.
  • Focus On Those Positives.
  • We are all guilty of getting caught up in something that is going wrong even though everything else is going right. In moments like this, it’s important to grab hold of the positives. So, take time out to create a list of everything that is going well to realign your focus where it belongs.
  • Know When To Take Action.
  • Allowing your focus to move away from the right target often invites negative emotions and leaves you feeling overwhelmed. Take action to take control power and empower yourself, whether it’s inviting someone in to collaborate or employing the help of an assistant. Don’t allow those feelings to fester, when you identify them take action to mitigate them.
  • Practice The Art Of Self-Care.
  • There is nothing more important to your focus than self-care. When you are exhausted, stressed out or hungry you aren’t going to be performing at your best. You may have noticed that you’re fighting fit when you’ve had a good night’s sleep, you’re eating well and exercising often. These are acts of self-care that will keep you healthy, focused, and resilient.

I encourage to try one or more of these strategies to harness the power of your focus and see for yourself how much difference it can make in your life.


Why You Say Yes, When You Want To Say No

How often do you find yourself saying the word yes out loud when your brain is screaming no, no, NO!? Toddlers say no to just about everything, yet when we reach adulthood, it’s suddenly one of the hardest words to utter. Why is that? Why are you always saying yes, when you are desperate to say no?

As a result, you feel bad about saying yes, you feel disappointed with yourself for saying yes, and you start to resent the person who asked the favor in the first place.

Why You Say Yes When You Mean No

There is a multitude of reasons why you may be saying yes to everything, even though you really want to say no. Here are just a few of those reasons:

  • You’re a people pleaser. This is probably one of the most common ones – you say yes because you believe that you’re helping someone out, you’re making them happy, and part of you is worried about what your friend/family member will think of you if you say no.
  • You don’t want to hurt anyone. You can’t overcome the feeling that you will upset someone by saying no, that you will disappoint them and shade their view of you. 
  • You are plagued by guilt. How can you say no to someone you love/admire/respect? You will look and feel selfish.
  • You are caught off guard. It’s difficult to say no when someone surprises you with their request. You stammer and search your brain for an excuse and, when you can’t find one, you end up saying yes.
  • It’s an authority figure. It can be difficult to say no to someone who holds power over you because you worry that their view of you will be shaded, that it could affect your job and your ability to progress in your career.
  • It feels reciprocal. You say yes because you believe the person would do it for you if the situation was reversed.
  • It’s about power and duty. Saying no shows weakness and, if someone senses weakness, they’ll go for the jugular.

We often strive to create this picture of ourselves in the eyes of others, a need for other people to view us as good. We want people to see that we care about other people and as people who are making a contribution, are helpful and kind. Yet, it’s vital that at the same time, you take care of yourself and prioritize your wants and needs. When you say yes, even though you mean no, you’re increasing your stress levels thus sapping your energy, decreasing your self-esteem, and increasing resentment. You should be able to see the difference between this type of yes and a genuine yes. When you say yes and truly mean it, you give it your full focus and energy. You feel energized and replenished as you lend your help rather than drained, resentful, and — let’s face it, just plain bad!

The key is striking a balance between your needs and those of others. So, when you are faced with a question, favor, or demand on your time then you need to check in with yourself about your needs and whether your energy levels and schedule have room for more. If you can handle it, good! Go ahead and say yes. On the other hand, you have no room or expendable energy at the moment, simply turn down the request. When you deliver, your no you don’t need to offer excuses or apologies. Be direct with your no and remember no now is far better than resenting someone down the line. It may be tempting to avoid the inevitable by saying you’ll think about it, but that’s only going to make you more stressed. Start by practicing your no’s, whether it is in the mirror or using a friend. You’re not a bad person for saying no and putting your needs first.


The Voice Within

Everyone is invited to the Master’s table. The voice is calling, unrelenting. 

Sadly though, not everyone hears, not everyone could get in and have a moment with the One who truly cared for us most. Nonetheless, everyone is an eternal spark in the universe. Once conceived, we are staying for eternity.

In all creation, man alone was created in the image of his Creator, man alone has been bestowed all the graces and the opportunities that would have made the least among us grateful.We are so very special even angels envy us. The same God who created you and I loves with a love that is beyond comprehension, so unselfish that we were bestowed with the freedom to choose to refuse the goodwill of the One who created us. All over the earth, we alone enjoy that privilege. We alone could say no to God.

We are not totally left alone. Throughout centuries of human history we were provided with guides, prophets they call them. These are the men and women who were able to harness and tap energies that prepared them and made them respond to the voice calling from within. Their messages are the foundations from which societies based their civility, morality and laws that have guided us, without which would have made it impossible for humanity to survive.

Often, their lives are the epitome of sacrifices and the world responded many times with ridicule. They plodded on nonetheless and we are what we are now, enjoying what we have now, because they dared to show us the path to a better life and better relationships and to led us to acknowledge powers that are far greater than any of us could imagine. Magnificent powers that could be tapped anytime that never change whether we choose to believe it or not.

Prophets as we know them are not so commonplace now. Modern prophets are for the most part tinged with the stain of commercialism and the taking advantage of the gullible. But man could see through pretenses, if not immediately, man ultimately will. The proof of this is that there have been thousands of churches that were established and were defunct over the last three hundred years alone. Their modern-day prophets succeeded in throwing people away from churches and better spiritual guidance. Instead of confirmation they sowed confusion.

Yet not everything is lost. Angels guide us. Spiritual beings pray for us. Theirs are the wordless voices that tell us, even compel us to do what is good for us.Theirs is the power that comforts us and which manifests from time to time including moments when we expect it the least. Their voices get louder to those who follow them and hear them. But since we have the choice to reject them,their voices grow fainter every time we say no to them. Then we get lost.Sometimes for the time being, if only to prove to us that the path we insist in choosing leads to suffering.

When we are better prepared, the voices could return. When denied enough, the voices stop.Then we miss the opportunity to sit at the Master’s table.