You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.”


Welcome #Leapers!

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Continue to grow and transform together with fellow #Leapers.

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Community Introductory Workshop.

The ‘Becoming the Change’ Introductory Workshop is for you, if you’re committed to:

  • Experience TRUE fulfillment and meaning in your life.
  • Open up to release resistance that might be blocking you.
  • Make room for healing and growth in yourself and your life.


*IMPORTANT: Spaces are limited. Register early to reserve your spot. To ensure the best individual and group experience, workshop spaces are limited to the first 10 #Leap-ready candidates through one-on-one interviews.

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‘Purpose Compass’ 8-Week Foundations Program

‘Purpose Compass’ 8-Week Foundations Program

Let’s go on a journey — together! We will be launching on a journey of profound understanding along the road of discovery and our destination is a life of more meaning and a higher purpose in which we live in alignment with who we TRULY are, express our gifts and fulfill our potential. We start with the basic concepts and knowledge you will need along the way by asking fundamental questions, like “what is life purpose?” and “what are we all on this Earth to do?”

with an intimate and engaging group of fellow travelers. The ‘Becoming the Change’ Introductory Workshop is designed to connect you with the the spark of your highest purpose . Through this experience you will reconnect, find your way home, and heal — starting from the inside out — and you won’t be alone!

Are you ready to #Leap?

WEEK 1 — Understand our true nature.

WEEK 2 — Know who you are and why you are the way you are.

WEEK 3 — Uncover what your purpose is.

WEEK 4 — Discover your hidden talents & skills.

WEEK 5 — Release resistance from limiting beliefs & fear — PERMANENTLY!

WEEK 6 — Rewrite your life story.

WEEK 7 — Align your life vision with who you really are.

WEEK 8 — Write your Next Chapter. Be the change!

The Purpose Compass 8-Week Foundations Program includes:

  • Cohort structure.
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A.
  • Access to discussion forum to ask questions and share insights with the group.
  • Access to weekly exercises to help you implement what you learn.
  • Certificate of completion.


*IMPORTANT: Space is limited. Register early to reserve your spot. To ensure the best individual and group experience, program spaces are limited to the first 5 #Leap-ready candidates through one-on-one interviews.

Your life is shaped by the end you live for. You are made in the image of what you desire”.

Thomas Merton