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We have compiled the most frequent questions that people have asked regarding our work below. Do you have question and is not answered here? You can submit your question here. We will do our best to answer it during one of our LIVE Monthly Q&A episodes.

What is 3600 Transformational Coaching?

The main goal of The NoLimits Lifecode 3600 Transformational Coaching is to proactively and holistically develop your full potential. The NoLimits Lifecode 3600 Transformational Coaching helps you in discovering that, beyond your history, beyond your problems, and beyond your conditioning, you already have the answers and the wisdom within you to make a difference in your life and that of others.

The NoLimits Lifecode 3600 Transformational Coaching helps you bring together all aspects of you (body, mind, energy) to step into your POWER STATE On-Demand when the situation and/or the needs of the moment demand it.

As your 3600 Transformational Coach I hold your vision of wholeness for you; this frees you to connect with your deeper ‘Self’ and to enter into a deeper experience of relationship with you, until such time as you can create that space and realize that vision for yourself. Read about my 3600 Transformational Coaching process here.

What is 3600 Transformational Mentoring?

Think of 3600 Transformational Mentoring like having a guide that understands where you are and can take you where you want to go, because they have been there may times before. As your 3600 Transformation Mentor I will accompany and provide you with support and assistance along the way from a neutral, objective place. Find out more about my 3600 Transformational Mentoring approach here.

What does ‘transformation’ mean?

The most commonly related example of transformation is the butterfly’s metamorphosis process through which, once a caterpillar disintegrates, the until then dormant inner essence of the creature gets activated and becomes visible in the form a butterfly — it’s actually pretty cool! This is the nature of the processes we relate to when we speak of transformation: those processes by which “nothing of the old remains.”

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