The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Lao Tzu

3600 Values-Based Coaching

The NoLimits Lifecode 3600 Values-Based Coaching approach is making a commitment to yourself to living in your highest purpose. It is a commitment to grow through deeper relationship with yourself. This is a relationship is built on intention, encouragement, deep listening, and support.

Through your 3600 Values-Based Coaching process I stand by your side providing you with a safe, judgment free space to explore what really matters to you and “bridge the gap” between who you are now and who you are becoming, inside and out. I lend you my presence, eyes, and ears in unconditional positive regard, extending unconditional grace through your journey. You can borrow my belief in your outcome until you have grown your own. I will believe in YOU until you do.

The NoLimits Lifecode 3600 Values-Based Coaching helps you to apply the 7 Power Keys to your life.

The 7 Power Keys guide you to tap into your own resources and learn to step on your own POWER STATE On-Demand in direct experience with each of them:

  • Be.
  • Feel.
  • Surrender.
  • Release.
  • Heal.
  • Connect.
  • Choose.

3600 Values-Based Mentoring

The NoLimits Lifecode short-term 3600 Values-Based Mentoring approach allows to you achieve all-around transformative results quickly that are sustainable and long-term.

Transformation is not for the fainthearted. Transformation means that nothing of the old remains— not even the memory of it as it was. Through the transformation experience we create ourselves anew, we become aware of who we are being and who we want to BECOME — from the inside out.

3600 Values-Based Mentoring is a call to transformation, an invitation to #LeapFromWithin, to grow into a new you. Ayou that lives in alignment with your core values. Commit to doing the work and transformation is inevitable.

3600 Values-Based Mentoring is ideal for you if:

  • You want to break old patterns, and align with how you want to feel every day. 
  • You feel overwhelmed or paralyzed by old memories, thoughts, and regrets.
  • You’re ready to connect with your highest purpose and create a meaningful, fulfilling, and happy life.
  • You feel stuck in your current career, relationship, or life. 
  • You feel called to heal, change, transform you and the world. 

Find out what 3600 Values-Based Coaching and Mentoring can do for you!